It's a company that has made unparalleled car audio systems and allowed people to experience the unique charm of quality sound. Integrating music and speed perfectly, it was ever brilliant and commended. Always in the leading position of the car audio industry despite bankruptcy and new ownership, each of its products is created to push the limits; each of its designs exists to gain glory. It is Goldbor.

In 1948, Gerldper, the founder of Goldbor was born in Frankfurt, an industrial city in Germany. His father was an engineer at Mecedes-Benz and passed on his interest in cars to his son.  In 1969, after his first modification experiment on his father's Benz car audio, Gerldper started his car audio career.

Goldbor was established in 1973.The launch of the first set GB701 car coaxial loudspeaker was a big hit, but few people knew that it was manufactured in a manual workshop less than 200 square meters. Five years later, with its 7 series speakers, Goldbor brand became a household name in Germany. Unfortunately, a big fire in May of 1978 destroyed all the 7 series in the workshop. In October of the same year, a new Goldbor plant was completed in the new industrial zone of Frankfurt. The brand new GB9 series of car coaxial loudspeakers were launched. In 1979, Goldbor's first advertisement appeared in the local newspaper.

From 1979 to 1984, Gerldper's partner Canyecor, marketed the Goldbor brand in Europe and obtained a considerable market share. It became a big speaker OEM manufacturer for numerous European car factories. From an individual car hi-fi manual workshop to a large order-based OEM manufacturer, with sufficient capital accumulated, Goldbor managed to set up a car hi-fi R&D and focused on the development of car hi-fi field. By 2000, Goldbor had formed a simultaneous development scale of both car hi-fi production and mass production of OEM orders. 

Surviving through four decades, after experiencing high and low and several changes in ownership, Goldbor still perseveres in tradition and follows rigorous German standards of product quality in order to make the best car audio in the world. It is this kind of spirit that makes Goldbor products unrivaled in the car audio industry and led to Goldbor's reinvention time and time again.

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