Warranty for car stereo components

If the product should go out of order within one year after you purchased it, it will be repaired for free,as long as you have been using it under normal usage condition in accordance with the instruction manual and the caution described on the table attached on it. However, this warranty shall not cover such expenses that are not directly related to actual repair work, such as transportation fee and installation/removal fee.

You will be charged with repair expenses in the following cases even while this warranty is valid:

1.In case the product goes out of order is destroyed or missing any part of it as a result that you disassemble or assemble it without a fair reason at any place other than a Service Center specifiedby Goldbor;

2.In case the product goes out of order due to the trouble caused by other products;

3.In case the product goes out of order or is destroyed as a result that it has been shifted from the place where it was initially installed, it has been dropped from a height, or it has been soaked in water after you purchased it;

4.In case the product goes out of order or is destroyed as it has suffered from such accidents as fire,earthquake, salt damage, gas hazard, wind and flood damage, thunderbolt,other acts of-God, or from irregular voltage;

5.If the model number and the serial number stated on the warranty and on the machine are damaged, altered or removed.

6.If the repaired product suffers from a traffic accident or goes out of order or is damaged during transportation;

The Goldbor Electronics Co.,Ltd. is not responsible for any damage of finance or human body directly or indirectly resulting from the damage of apparatus.

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